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Caterpillar moves up their game to gain better market share of skid steers and excavators with new innovations

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2022 has been a year that marks a milestone for caterpillar due to their innovative products that have been released in markets worldwide. From state of the art hydraulic attachments, to quick coupling mechanics all the way up to remote control skid steers and autonomous mini excavator systems, Caterpillar is finally opening up new avenues to enhance their current market share not just in the US and Canada, but throughout the entire Middle East and Asia where demand has been increasing at a steady pace over the last decade according to market analyst.

An instance of these innovative milestones includes the recent announcement by Caterpillar of the expansion of the Cat Command for loading that has been introduced into their D3 series skid steer and compact track loaders. The system is offered in two configurations, the first, being the line of sight operation that utilises a portable console and the second being the remote command system. The remote control system allows operators to control the machine from a remote and safe location which comes in handy when dealing with hazardous materials.

The systems are with dealers throughout Caterpillar’s distribution channels and could be fitted to any D3 machine and render the compact skid steer ‘command ready’. The system also comes complete with safety features among which are the ‘All Stop’ switch which shuts the machine down instantly. The maximum distance that the console can be used to control the machine and to have adequate signal for controlling the machine is approximately 400m which is nearly half a kilometre.

Other features of the skid steer control console include a joystick and a customised command station that replicates the controls inside the machine.

The same system is also largely compatible with most other excavators, small wheeled loaders and even dozers. The system is an ecological concept that is objectively targeted at being applicable to all future Caterpillar heavy industry machines, with emphasis on mini excavators of the manufacturer such as the 301.5 and 301.7 mini excavators as indicated by Greg Worley who is with Caterpillar’s professional marketing component.

Apart from the remote systems, Caterpillar has also been prioritising on the capabilities of their mini or compact range excavators and the latest machines make it evident that the manufacturer has made headway within this objective based on the next gen mini excavators that have been released lately that offer standard and extended digging depths with compact machines that range from 96.5 inches all the way up to 122.4 inches in depth.

These machines that are generally available for excavator rental  use are also sport enhanced stability in the most uneven terrain due to the wider chassis which is also adjustable in the event that they are required to move along narrow paths. The new 302.7 CR and the 303 CR excavators are also fitted with standard dozer blades that manage basic backfilling and as well as grading tasks accurately which makes them the best solutions for home improvement projects which have taken on a new leash of life following the pandemic as it soaks up pent up demand.

Among the more notable design enhancements that see a 10 % increase in performance across the board is the hydraulic system which offers better and improved lifting performance along with cycle times. Both the 302 and 302 are powered by CAT C1.1 Turbo Engine that delivers almost 24 HP on demand without compromising the Tier 4 emission standards.  The latest improvements are consistent with the manufacturer’s business objectives which includes the intention to reduce Caterpillar’s carbon footprint on the planet.