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The Convenient Transportation Between Hong Kong and Qianhai Contributes to the Prosperity and Development of the Greater Bay Area

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 5 December 2023 - Hong Kong residents' enthusiasm for traveling north has surged. In October of this year, the number of arrivals to the mainland reached a record 5.35 million, with more than 200,000 people heading north every weekend.

The Greater Bay Area has become a popular destination beloved by Hongkongers. To provide convenient services for residents commuting between Qianhai and Hong Kong, the Qianhai Authority has launched a series of cross-border transportation services known as "Hong Kong-Qianhai." In November of this year, cross-border buses departing from Qianhai to Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau were officially put into operation. Citizens can conveniently purchase tickets with one click on WeChat mini-programs such as "Trans-Island Chinalink Bus", "China Travel Bus", "Three Places Express". Boarding at any Qianhai station, they can conveniently reach Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau, passing through Shenzhen Bay Port and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, becoming a new choice for residents of both Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong-Qianhai" Cross-Border Bus (Source: Shenzhen Evening News)

Multiple transportation options to the Bay Area

To meet the diverse travel needs of citizens in the Greater Bay Area, Qianhai provides a variety of transportation options, including ferry services, cross-border buses, subways, and helicopters, totaling 11 routes for your convenience:

Cross-boundary Bus Routes

Qianhai offers three cross-border bus routes, including a route with 24 stops from Hong Kong through the Shenzhen Bay Port to the MixC Qianhai, as well as direct routes from Hong Kong to Qianhai Sam's Club and Happy Harbor. The flexible and diverse ticket prices cater to passengers' varied needs, truly achieving "one-stop" service.

Ferry routes

There are currently 4 ferry routes connecting Hong Kong and Qianhai, providing affordable and convenient transportation. The Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal to Shekou Cruise Homeport route operates three times daily, and residents of Qianhai can enjoy a half-price discount, making your journey in the Greater Bay Area even more relaxing.

Subway routes

Currently, taking the East Rail Line from Admiralty to Loma Chau only takes 50 minutes. After passing through the Futian Port, you can immediately transfer to the Shenzhen Metro to reach Qianhai. Alternatively, taking the high-speed rail from West Kowloon in Hong Kong to Shenzhen Futian High-Speed Rail Station only takes 14 minutes. Afterward, you can transfer to a taxi or Line 11 to reach Qianhai Bay, providing the fastest and most convenient way for your Greater Bay Area travel. Qianhai also has three subway lines (Lines 1, 5, and 11) facilitating citizens' travel to Luohu Port, Futian Port, Shenzhen North Station, and Futian High-Speed Rail Station.

Helicopter routes

For citizens seeking a high-end travel experience, Qianhai has launched a helicopter route from Hong Kong International Airport to Shenzhen International Airport. With the "Eastern Skyway" WeChat mini-program, one can easily make reservations with just a click, completing the journey in a short 15 minutes, allowing for the ultimate enjoyment of an aerial adventure.

Qianhai Sam's Supermarket (Source: Qianhai Investment Holding)
Qianhai Sam's Supermarket (Source: Qianhai Investment Holding)

Citizens experience the convenience of transportation services first-hand

In the past, Hong Kong residents considered travel to Shenzhen inconvenient. Now, with cross-border buses, travel has become easy and enjoyable, with economical costs that save a considerable amount of expenses. Citizens' firsthand experiences reflect that transportation services are not only practical but also convenient. Hong Kong residents who frequently travel to the mainland for business point out that in the past, business trips required repetitive transfers, which were time-consuming and cumbersome. With the availability of cross-border buses now, it has become extremely convenient. The point-to-point transportation services provided by Qianhai have received positive feedback from residents of both regions.

Facilitating business exchanges and cultural interactions, contributing to the prosperity of the Greater Bay Area

Cross-border transportation services not only provide citizens with convenient travel options but also serve as bridges for business exchanges and cultural interactions within the Greater Bay Area. Mr. Wong, a businessman from Hong Kong, stated, "With such diverse transportation choices, our small businesses in Hong Kong find it easier to expand, and business is thriving."

With efficient connections through various modes such as buses, ferries, and subways, the cross-border transportation network between Hong Kong and Qianhai continues to improve, injecting new momentum into the prosperity and development of the Bay Area. As cross-border transportation services continue to enhance, the Greater Bay Area will usher in a brighter future through the deep integration of business and culture.

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