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IKEA Australia Launches World First Tidy TV by IKEA

The Oddly Satisfying Organisational Content You Never Knew You Needed to Relax 



With mental wellbeing more important to Aussies than ever before, IKEA Australia has launched Tidy TV by IKEA, a series of soothing, satisfying 3D organisational animation loops to get everyday Australians to understand the link between well-organised and well-being.   

Available from today, Australians can watch Tidy TV by IKEA which features iconic IKEA furniture including the KALLAX bookcase, HEMNES chest of drawers and IKEA pantry solutions. Each soothing animation focuses on organisation solutions for the bedroom, kitchen and living area – whilst bringing the furniture to life and together - in a way that has never been seen before.   

Tidy TV by IKEA comes after a recent survey conducted by IKEA Australia revealed 75% of participants watch mindless TV to relax and more than one in two of us (57%) opt to organise the home to feel at ease. 59% of participants organise and tidy the home daily for peace of mind, with 89% believing an organised space benefits their well-being.   

Amy Hare, Interior Designer, IKEA Australia said, “We are seeing an increased interest in well-being amongst our customers and believe that an organised home is the secret ingredient to an organised mind. We’ve created Tidy TV by IKEA to give Aussies a simple way to relax, whilst also providing them with the inspiration and knowledge they need to organise their home.     

“These soothing, repetitive animations also provide Australians with storage solution ideas from IKEA. Whether it’s the kitchen, the bedroom or living area that needs organising, we’re bringing well-being back into Aussies homes through Tidy TV by IKEA.”  

IKEA Tidy TV comprises of three animations, each lasting 15 minutes in length, the average time it takes for 25% of Australians to relax after a hectic day. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a seat to the most coveted show in town, Tidy TV by IKEA will tantalise the senses as it neatly stacks, folds, arranges and organises each respective room into place.   

To watch IKEA Tidy TV see here.