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Choices, choices: which skip bin hire is right for you?

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Skip bin hire is such a convenient service. Your skip bin is delivered to you when you need it and then all you have to do is fill it and have it taken away again.

With such a cruisy service, it’s easy to see why Melbournians from homeowners to construction site managers rely on skips for an easy service.

This being said, you have numerous options for skip bins, with some being smaller and others being larger, with the different sizes being more suitable for different jobs.

Your Dandenong bin hire is up to you, of course, but here are a few tips for ensuring you get the right one on the day you need it!

Small skip hire

Small bins typically range from 2m³ to 4m³. Naturally, this makes them ideal for smaller jobs, including:

  • Small household cleanups: If you’re doing a little pre-winter or some serious spring cleaning, there is nothing better to have at your disposal than a neat, nicely compact small bin for hire. These smaller bins are ideal for throwing away some of that mess, rubbish and old stuff you simply don’t need anymore, making it a highly convenient way to efficiently run a cheeky home clean;

  • Small household working bees: If you’ve ever attempted a household working bee without a skip bin then you will be well aware of its pitfalls. Seriously, you cannot do a working bee without a skip bin: garden waste piles up fast, and getting caught out without a proper place to put the wastage is a real drag.

    Small skips are typically perfect for small working bees where you are going to experience some serious garden wastage but you don’t need a behemoth bin to cover it!

Medium sized bins

Medium sized bins include 6m³ and 8m³ bins and are perfect for the following:

  • Small renovations: modernising your bathroom? Installing a new cooktop and bench in your kitchen? Whatever renovations you are undertaking - medium sized skip bins are typically perfect for the job. This is because they can easily handle some of the bulkier items attributed to renovations, especially those larger items like bathroom basins, old cooking appliances etc.

  • Small building jobs: For construction companies building smaller homes, units, granny flats etc. there is no better skip bin option than a medium sized hire. This is because medium sized bins can handle a lot of the building material waste as well as rubbish that come with these smaller construction jobs, and you don’t need the larger bin to ensure you fit everything in there.

Large bin hire

These are the biggest options available and include 9m³ and 10m³ hire. These bins are suitable for:

  • Large renovations: If you find yourself undertaking the grand old job of renovating your whole house: bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and all - you’re going to need a large skip for the job. These can easily handle all the mess and large, awkward household items that you really need to get rid of to make the renovation complete.

  • Large building projects: For large scale building projects like apartment complexes, properties and big houses, you will probably need at least one large skip bin on-hand. Not only this, but large ones are ideal for large tree removal as well as stripping and returfing a lawn. The large skip hire is always the safest bet when it comes to bigger jobs, and it shouldn’t be skipped on for the sake of a cheaper deal - you never know when you’ll need all that space!