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What attracts rats to a particular home? 

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Food and shelter are the two main things that can attract rats or mice to your house. If you don't clean up properly and leave food waste on the floor or dining tables, rodents are going to visit your house! Rats and mice need shelter. The warm climate of Perth is something they love, particularly during winter, to avoid the terrible cold.

Rats have destructive feeding habits and irritating nesting behaviours. They tend to destroy the structure of buildings they infest. Get rid of them quickly with pest control.

Rats prefer dark and undisturbed corners. So if your house is unclean and unhygienic, you will not be able to avoid pest infestation. Their droppings signify a healthy, feeding population. As per Rodent Control Perth, they like wood and plastic and make large holes in walls and floorboards. Their teeth marks are large and rough. They leave grease marks or dirt along floorboards and walls. 

Rats, one of the most formidable pests, are attracted to your house by uncovered food containers, food wastage in dustbins, and untidy kitchen cabinets. 

As soon as they infest, they will contaminate food which will eventually give rise to various health issues.

When things turn out of hand, it is better to call Rat Control Service. The rodents dwell in burrows found beneath the roots of trees, in grassy embankments at the edges of paving and drain covers. 

Mice Control Perth cleans your lofts, attics, other dark, beneath floorboards, and infrequently visited locations to detect roof rats.

Perth is a city where rodent infestation is quite common. In case of a large infestation, it is best to consult a professional Pest Control Perth. Some of you insist on applying DIYs, but they do not prove beneficial in the face of an infestation. More so, the clever, swift runners tend to avoid unknown objects in their established foraging paths, rendering many traps initially inefficient.

Brown sewer rats, known as Norway rats, are identifiable by their stocky bodies and grey-brown colour. They have shorter tails compared to their body with tiny eyes and ears. 

Pest control for rats helps in detecting the pests in gardens and fields, beneath trash, wood piles, and building foundations. They make nests with fibrous materials, like shredded paper and cloth.

Black rats, also known as Roof rats, build nests above ground and inhabit shrubs, trees, and dense vegetation. So, your garden could be their favourite place to reside. Domestic environments provide them security. They prefer elevated places like attics, walls, cabinets, and sheetrock ceilings. They tend to enter your house by tree branches close to windows. The warmer climate of Australia is favourable for the species.

Rats chew on hard, wooden surfaces and transmit diseases directly and indirectly when those surfaces come into human contact. 

The Diseases

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome


Rat-bite Fever



Colorado Tick Fever

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Their saliva carries pathogens. In some cases, rat-bite victims contract rat-bite fever and tetanus infections. Multiple abrasions and bleeding are common signs which should be promptly cleaned and disinfected. Protect yourself with Tetanus immunization. 

Common symptoms of a rat bite are swelling, redness, and pain. Pus-filled wounds, bacterial infections like spirally rat-bite fever and streptobacillary rat-bite fever are signs of secondary infection.

Headache, joint pain, vomiting, muscle ache, fever, and rash usually occur 3-10 days after a person gets an infection from a rat. Rat Control Perth catches them living or dead. Dead rats produce a foul smell. Professionals use a dead rat odour eliminator to make a trap. So hire them without delay!


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What attracts rats to a particular home? 

Food and shelter are the two main things that can attract rats or mice to your house. If you don't clean up properly and leave food waste on the floor or dining tables...