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Neal Whitaker's Top Tips On Selecting Curtains

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Window coverings to add style

Interior design expert Neale Whitaker’s top tips on selecting curtains

There is a long-standing idea that every room in a home should have the same type of window covering to create a consistent look, but that’s not always the case. The windows on south-facing facades – for example - will need something very different to those on west-facing facades, and the product most suitable to use over doors versus windows can also vary greatly. Apart from functionality, window coverings can help enhance the mood or style of an overall room, whether it be a relaxed vibe or a touch of formality.

“When planning window coverings, you need to consider the style of the room and what function the window covering needs to perform. People rarely consider how a space should feel. It’s one thing to choose an interior style, but if your space doesn’t suit that style in terms of light or proportion, it simply won’t feel right. By all means seek inspiration, but don’t be afraid to create your own style. Bring your own personality to a space and don’t be afraid to express different styles in your home,” says Luxaflex® Brand Partner and Interior Design Expert, Neale Whitaker.

“Curtains are a great way to transform the interior design of your home as well as delivering on functional benefits such as light blocking and thermal insulation,” continues Neale. “They can help create the illusion of more space, and by mixing and matching colours and textures, can add depth and focus to a room.”

With a choice of fabrics from plain to patterned to elegant linen looks and blends, whatever your style there is a fabric available to create your own personal look. Here, Neale Whitaker shares his tips to selecting curtains to add style and flair to your interior spaces.


The Classic look suits both traditional and contemporary interiors. Timber-based furnishings may range from blond through to dark, so when choosing curtains, select a colour palette that includes softer tones such as ivory and the ‘muddier’ yellows, browns, blues and greens. Off-white is a popular shade choice for traditional styling, while crisp cool-toned whites offer a more modern take.

For a more layered feel, Neale Whitaker suggests opting for a woven linen fabric, such as the Luxaflex® Kori Linen range. Variations in the yarn add depth and texture while pastel tones create balance and harmony.


The Contemporary look is subtle, sophisticated and minimal, with clean lines and textures. Less is more. Curtains to complement the contemporary look include the raw, organic character of 100% linen fabric, or the popular mid-weight linen-look fabrics, sometimes referred to as ‘faux linens’. These versatile fabrics have become the go-to due to their ability to easily pair with many different interior styles. Consider adding an extra dimension with a statement sheer fabric such as Luxaflex® Arlette which delivers impact via the use of two colours of fine yarn in the weave.


Heavier curtain fabrics with textures, jacquards and embroideries will add the finishing touch to a more opulent style of interior that includes luxurious details, ornate finishes and plush textures.

Hanging Tips

Once you have selected your curtain fabric, consider the length and how they will be hung. How you hang a curtain will greatly impact the look and mood of the space.

There is a general understanding that curtains should create the illusion of height, so go wider and higher wherever possible. Consider extending the track over small windows to create a sense of space. ‘Choosing wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling curtains or sheers can add visual luxury and dramatic impact to a room,’ says Neale.

Fabric length - whether hanging just below the window, clearing the floor, skimming the floor or ‘puddling’ - will be guided by the type of fabric you have selected and the interior look you wish to achieve. Take time to consider the options. As a rule of thumb, longer curtains suit more traditional interior styles, while a shorter, more streamlined effect suits contemporary styles.

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